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Tips to Deal with Bullying at School by Matt Teeple

Bullying at School

If your child is being bullied at school, it can adversely affect their mental health and self-esteem. Not just that, but you might also notice changes in the way they have. As a parent, this can be emotionally burdensome for you. So how do you deal with this problem effectively? In this guide, Matt Teeple takes you through a few actionable tips that can help.

How to Deal with Bullying by Matt Teeple

If your child is being bullied, you need to make them understand that this is not their fault and that they don’t have to feel bad about it. Here are a few suggestions that can help.

1.     Create a List of Responses

Your child should know a few phrases that they can use whenever someone tries to bully them at school. These should help them counter and make the right decisions. For example, they could say something like “back off” to help protect themselves from bullies.

2.     Encourage Open Communication

You will only be able to help your child deal with the situation better when you know all about what is happening in their lives. This means that you must talk to them about all of this. Encourage open communication, so your child comes up to you and talks to you about what happens at school. When they are encouraged to share their feelings, you will be able to help them as well.

3.     Welcome Your Child’s Friends Home

When you welcome your child’s friends at home and do things that help them understand what true friendship means, they will understand the importance of having such people in their lives who are nice to them. They will also understand why bullying is bad and what it leads to. Matt Teeple says that when you make your child understand things by giving them the right explanations, everything automatically falls into place.

4.     Build Confidence

If your child is confident, then bullying will not affect them as much. You need to instill that confidence in your child and make them understand that they are good enough. How do you do that? Talk to them about positive qualities they have that you love about them. Motivate them by telling them about how you think they have it in them to do better in every way. Make them realize what their strengths are and how they have it in them to improve. This way, when you build them up, they will understand how to deal with situations themselves.

5.     Discipline Your Child Appropriately

If you notice your child picking up behavior from bullies, then you must discipline them and teach them that they are doing the wrong thing. Matt Teeple says the last thing that should happen is for your child to learn from bullies. So, as a parent, try to discipline your child and teach them the right ways of behaving.

Final Words by Matt Teeple

With these actionable tips by Matt Teeple on dealing with bullies, you will notice that your child will become more positive and will also learn how to behave the right way.

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