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What is Inner Child Work? A Guide by Matt Teeple

Inner-Child Work

Inner child work is a term that is used quite often nowadays. Inner child work is all about looking at the wounds that a person may have faced as a child and finding ways to heal them through therapy or active practices. Many psychologists work in inner child work as it allows people to live their most authentic lives. None of us know how to be adults; it’s something that we learn as we grow up, which is why inner-child work is exceptionally important. Matt Teeple will tell you about it and how you can get help doing this work.

What is Inner-Child Work? According to Matthew Teeple

Many of the wounds we have faced in our childhood still mark how we show up as adults. Think about your first childhood memory. Was it a positive one? For most people, childhood can be quite traumatic because you’re a sponge and learning everything. Sometimes terrible things can happen, and your young brain may make some skewed associations.

For example, as a child, you may have been made fun of for not being athletic enough or having crooked teeth by your peers. That will result in an adult who is overly conscious about their athletic or physical perception. If you don’t acknowledge your past wounds and process them, you’re running the show from the perspective of a wounded child. Inner-child work helps you develop out of this thinking.

Why is it Important to Heal Your Inner Child?

Inner-child work is necessary as it provides an avenue to move forward, Matthew Teeple states. We may not always have the tools to overcome our hurts, even after knowing they exist. It’s important to find space for all your past trauma and find ways to move past it. It’s important to know why you are enacting certain behaviors and what core beliefs you have built along the way that you may have to unlearn.

We all have pain, but inner child work allows us to access that pain without becoming unbearable. To become a responsible adult, you must identify your own needs and triggers so that you can treat yourself better.

How To Begin Working on Your Inner Child

Well, for many, a certified psychologist is the way that you can approach therapizing your inner child. However, there are other things that you can do:

  1. Create Healthy Coping Mechanisms: Different coping mechanisms work for different people. Some of the healthiest ones that you may employ are art therapy, reparenting, and meditation.
  2. List Your Unmet Needs: We all have needs that have not been met in childhood that we require people to see. If you hire a therapist, you can collaborate with them to identify what you require from other people and what methods you can employ to get there.
  3. Foster More Self-Awareness: Discovering parts of yourself will allow you to be more self-aware, which means that you can get better at identifying when something serves you and when it doesn’t, Matthew Teeple Says

Concluding Thoughts

Matt Teeple claims that inner child work is essential to living your best life. It’s all about understanding that you are worth the effort you put into yourself regularly, and you get to change the narrative you have surrounding your life.