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Top Coaching Mistakes to Avoid by Matthew Teeple

Coaching Mistakes

Coaching can be very rewarding. It can be very fulfilling to help someone get closer to their goals. But while at it, you must understand that it is not the easiest thing to do. As a life coach, you have to master the art first. In this guide, Matthew Teeple takes you through a few coaching mistakes many people make, which disallow them from doing their best.

Avoiding Coaching Mistakes by Matt Teeple

Here are a few coaching mistakes that you must avoid under all circumstances.

1.     Following a Stringent Coaching System

If you follow a very stringent coaching system, that only harms your relationship with the people you are coaching. Everyone has different needs, and everyone has different ways that they react to things. If you follow a stringent coaching system, then you don’t realize how everyone has different needs. So try to adapt to people’s different needs in accordance and then slowly work your way towards things then.

2.     Talking too Much

Coaching is more about listening than talking. While you are required to give valuable advice, you are also required to listen to what the other person says. You can only provide the right guidance when you understand where they are coming from. If you are the only one speaking, you end up overwhelming the other person. This hampers your ability to build rapport with the other person.

3.     Owning the Outcome

If the person you are coaching benefits from your advice, then the last thing you should do is own the entire outcome of what happens. It is your effort and the other person’s effort too. If you take credit for all of what happens, it will only end up demotivating the other person.

4.     Attacking

If you feel like the other person is doing something wrong, then the last thing that you should do is attack them. You must understand where they are coming from, communicate well with them and then build a relationship with them. Matt Teeple says that the other person must feel comfortable in your presence.

5.     Assuming Things

You can only guide best when you understand the other person well. This only happens when you ask them the right questions and focus on getting to know them better. In most cases, when you make assumptions, you might think you have a good idea of where you are headed, but that is rarely the case.

6.     Trying to ‘Fix’ the Other Person

The person you are coaching doesn’t necessarily need to be ‘fixed.’ They aren’t getting help from you because there is something wrong with them. Instead, they need guidance to work towards things in the right direction. You are required to provide them with the right advice to help them slowly work towards their goals the right way.

Final Words by Matthew Teeple

As a life coach, you must make a conscious effort to avoid these coaching mistakes. This way, you will be able to work towards becoming a better coach as you progress.