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Tips to Make Your Child Sleep Through the Night by Matt Teeple

Child Sleep Through the Night

A lot of parents complain that their young ones don’t sleep well through the night. This also ends up making them sleep-deprived and with no energy to go on with the day’s activities. In this guide, Matt Teeple takes you through a few valuable tips that can help you make your child sleep through the night.

How to Make Your Child Sleep Through the Night by Matt Teeple

Here are a few tips to help your child sleep through the night.

1.     Set a Bedtime Routine

One of the most important things is to set a bedtime routine. With a proper sleeping pattern, it becomes much easier for your child to adjust to that routine. It also gets them used to a certain routine which can help them relax better.

2.     Practice Relaxation before Sleeping

Before you put your child to sleep, try to encourage relaxation. Start with maybe listening to gentle music or telling your child a story they like to hear. You can even turn off the lights and lie down with your child for a bit. Once fully relaxed, it will be much easier for them to fall asleep.

3.     Cut Back on Day Naps

If you make your child sleep too much during the day, then they will naturally find it very hard to sleep through the night. Matt Teeple says that you need to first understand what works for you and then plan according to that. Understand your child’s sleep requirements and then work accordingly so that things can be done in the right way.

4.     Make Sure They Aren’t Hungry

If your child is going to bed hungry, then chances are that they will have trouble sleeping at night. Try to give your child a good meal at night. When they sleep with a full tummy, they are likely to sleep soundly.

5.     Try Co-Sleeping

The need to feel safe at night is something that most children have. If your child tends to wake up several times at night, maybe you could try co-sleeping. This strategy doesn’t work for most children, but it works well for some. When a parent sleeps in with them, they feel much more secure, which makes them sleep longer too. So try doing that to see if it works for your child.

6.     Avoid Caffeine at Night

Caffeine is present in energy drinks, tea, coffee, and chocolate. You must ensure you don’t give your child anything with caffeine in it before they go to sleep. If you do that, they might not be able to sleep right after. Matt Teeple says that you need to find out what works for your child, and then you must follow that consistently to help them stay calmer and more put together.

Final Words by Matt Teeple

With these actionable tips by Matt Teeple on making your child sleep through the night, you will see how you can make your child sleep well at night. First, figure out your child’s needs and then work through that.