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Tips to Deal with Food Aversion in Children by Matt Teeple

Dealing with Food Aversion

Some children tend to be very picky eaters. This can be very stressful for the parents, especially. There are some nutrients the child needs to grow on to become healthy. But children who are picky with eating can end up depriving themselves of those nutrients. In this guide, Matt Teeple takes you through a few tips to deal with food aversion in children.

How to Deal with Food-Averse Children by Matt Teeple

Here are a few actionable tips that can help you deal with food-averse children.

1.     Don’t Force Them

If you want your child to eat something and they show resistance, don’t try to force them. When you force them to eat, then chances are that they will repel more. So always try to work your way around things rather than forcing them to eat something they don’t want to.

2.     Plan Family Meal Time

If your child is picky about eating, you could try establishing family meal times. When you do that, you can make eating fun for them, which might make them want to try out what you give them.

3.     Talk about Food

The most important thing here is to raise awareness about food. You can ideally do that when you talk to them more about the food they are eating, what it tastes like, the smell of the food, and so on. This will help your child become more educated, too, says Matt Teeple.

4.     Be a Role Model

Role model the right behavior when it comes to food. You might not focus on this as much, but your child watches everything you do. So, Matt Teeple says that if you want your child to eat well, you should try eating new things in front of them. When you do that, they will also want to try to eat, following in your footsteps.

5.     Make them Eat when Busy

If they are very picky eaters, you could also make them eat when they are busy doing something else, like watching TV. When you do that, they are likely to eat without really noticing that they are eating. But understand that this will not help them establish a healthy relationship with food. This way, they are only going to eat without paying much heed to it. This should be your last resort if the child refuses to eat whatever you give them.

6.     Listen to Your Child

Know your child’s preferences. If there are some things that they like to eat, then try having more of that. You will see that your child will eat well when you do that. This is integral to ensure that your child enjoys what they eat. If you know of a certain food they like, you could also try to give them variations.

Final Words by Matt Teeple

With this advice on helping picky eaters eat well by Matt Teeple, you are likely to see a change in your child’s eating patterns. Understand that this is about your child, so you must deal with them well. Know what your child wants and then cater to them that way only.