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5 Reasons You Need to Live Away From Family Once in Life by Matthew Teeple

5 Reasons You Need to Live Away From Family Once in Life

Living at home is one of the best feelings if you have a functional family. However, there are negative aspects to everything. Most Americans spend their college years away from their family, but that rate is decreasing as out-of-state colleges cost Americans more. If you’ve never lived away from your family, Matt Teeple suggests you do that at least once to find out who you are. The major reasons you need to live away from your family once in life are stated below.

Reasons to Live Away From Family Once in Life by Matthew Teeple

1.     It Makes You Independent

The most important thing you can do for yourself as an adult is to learn how to live independently. When you’re the person who’s responsible for your bills, food, and money, you’re going to learn a lot about yourself and how to handle yourself during harsh situations.

2.     Your Family Learns to Work Without You

Regardless of how functional your family is, there is a function that you serve within it; that’s how families work. However, there are times when a family cannot function without a single person, so that person must take their leave to empower the rest of the members. If you’re the eldest daughter, you know what taking a lot of responsibility means. But adults are responsible for themselves, they will learn to work their way around your absence.

3.     The Process Will Mature You

Living on your own is difficult because you must make your own decisions, but it will also mature you beyond your recognition. You will make good and bad decisions but do them of your own accord. You learn that you’re in charge, which isn’t easy to do when you’re a part of a bigger family or living under your parents’ roof.

4.     You Can Let go of Control

We are creatures of control and habit, but when we move away from family, we get the chance to let go. Living with friends or roommates means that there are people who you don’t always have to care about or think about controlling. It’s easier to distinguish yourself from those people and let go of an idea of control that you may be harboring all your life. Moving away from family is a way for life to tell you that you’re both in control and not in control at all, and that’s okay.

5.     You Become Better at Dealing with People and Circumstances

When you’re in a home with your family, your parents are mostly the ones that are dealing with the people and circumstances that the unit may face. But as you move away, you realize you’re the unit, and no one else is coming to save you. Moving away makes you smarter, kinder, and better at knowing when to be kind and when to be firm.

Final Thoughts by Matt Teeple

If you’re still unsure if you should move out, Matthew Teeple suggests making a pros and cons list. Some of the reasons mentioned here may help but making a personal list may help you make a better decision!